Pagan blood lords of the seas

The Church made a sacred day of Sunday ... " largely because it was the weekly festival of the sun; for it was a definite Christian policy to take over the pagan festivals endeared to the people by tradition, and to give them a Christian significance. " (The Paganism in Our Christianity, Arthur Weigall, quoted by Seventh-day Adventists to prove that Sunday is pagan) What they fail to tell the same article also says: Jewish Sabbath and the Sunday Lord's Day both of pagan origin: "I have, already mentioned that Sunday, too, was a pagan holy-day; and in this chapter I propose to discuss the origin of this custom of keeping one day in the week as a Sabbath, or "day of rest,' and' to show that the practice was forcefully opposed by Jesus Christ . The origin of the seven-day week which was used by the Jews and certain other peoples, but not till, later by the Greeks or Romans, is to be sought in some primitive worship of the moon (The Paganism in Our Christianity, Arthur Weigall, 1928, p209,210-211) Weigall Trashes the whole of Christianity as being of Pagan origin!

  1. The Twelve Disciples Derived From Zodiac: p25
  2. The 27 books of the New Testament Canon is invalid: p37
  3. The name Mary is of pagan origin: p41
  4. The virgin birth is of pagan origin: p44,47,60
  5. The early life of Jesus is totally unknown: p49
  6. Jesus born in a stable and wrapped in swaddling clothing is of pagan origin: p52
  7. Miracles of Jesus are of pagan origin: p58
  8. Jesus' 40 day temptation in wilderness is of pagan origin: p61
  9. Earthquake at cross is false: p62
  10. Jesus Crucifixion was a Jewish human sacrifice of pagan origin: p69,76
  11. Jesus Side Pierced is of pagan origin: p83,84
  12. Jesus never actually died, two angels were only men: p93,94
  13. Ascension is of pagan origin: p100
  14. Jesus suffering to save us is of pagan origin: p106
  15. Jesus decent into Hades is of pagan origin: p113
  16. Jesus "hung on a tree" is of pagan origin: p118
  17. Jesus the "Rock of salvation" is of pagan origin: p129
  18. Jesus the "slain Lamb of God" is of pagan origin: p131,132
  19. "Washed in the Blood of the lamb" is of pagan origin: p132
  20. Baptism and the Lord's Supper are both of pagan origin: p134, p146,147
  21. Phrase "Soldiers of Christ" is of pagan origin: p135
  22. Jesus as "the Shepherd" is of pagan origin: p136
  23. Lords Supper is of pagan origin" p146,147
  24. The idea of "blood atonement for sins" is of pagan origin: p152,158
  25. Jesus "Begotten of God" is of pagan origin: p169
  26. Incarnate Logos of Jn 1:1 is of pagan origin, The "pre-existent angel" is a 4th century concept: p172,173-175
  27. The Trinity is of pagan origin: p182
  28. The "Lord's Day" (Sunday) is of Pagan Origin: p209,210-211
  29. Jewish Sabbath and the Sunday Lord's Day both of pagan origin: p136, p209,210-211
  30. Conclusion of entire book: Almost all of Christianity is of pagan origin! p242
Our comment Weigall, is a modernist and doesn't believe the Bible is God's word. He trashes 99% of what both JW's and Trinitarians believe as from Pagan origin. JW's leave the impression that Weigall would exempt JW's from his comments! Jehovah's Witnesses actually try to defend Weigall! Some Jehovah's Witnesses are so blind and deluded that they actually try to defend Weigall as a careful conservative scholar who attends church faithfully every Sunday, but warn that Christmas and Easter, for example, are pagan origin. Of course, Jehovah's Witnesses who suggest such things have never held the actual book in their hands or read it for themselves. We have both the book and have read it. The truth is, Wiegall really does trash the whole of Christianity. After reading the book it becomes clear that whenever Weigall shows "parallels" with Christian doctrine and paganism, what he is really saying, is that the doctrine is false and truly not part of genuine Christianity! Let me give you two examples of what Weigall actually believes himself about what he calls, "true Christianity."

Pagan Blood Lords Of The SeasPagan Blood Lords Of The SeasPagan Blood Lords Of The SeasPagan Blood Lords Of The Seas